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…Curvature Shader

I’ve been playing around with the new shaders that are available in Vray for C4D 3.5…

In particular, I’m loving the new Curvature Shader, which essentially allows you to quickly add wear and tear to the edges of objects, as shown in the above render.

I struggled to find any useful information online about how to use the shader so thought I’d post the file to help anyone else in my situation. Essentially, the Curvature Shader needs to be placed in the transparency slot of Diffuse Layer 1, which then reveals whatever is in Diffuse Layer 2, below it, along the edges/ curves.

I’m planning on doing a few short videos to explain this sort of thing, but in the meantime feel free to download the attached file and play with the settings. You can download the file HERE

Please note, I don’t have permission to distribute the scratch maps used, so you will need to find some similar ones on the interwebs.