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… The Met, Breuer

Seeing the obvious limitations of still images and wanting to take advantage of new GPU driven technology, I’ve set myself the goal of creating more immersive 3d spaces, which allow end users to fully explore virtual environments.

This type of technology has evolved quickly and now allows rich, virtual environments to be created and give a much more accurate impression of what it will actually ‘feel’ like to be in a place, rather than a very curated still image (although these can also very easily be created using this approach).

Here’s the first of a series of projects I’ll be working on in my spare time, showing the iconic Whitney Museum in New York, designed my Marcel Breuer in 1966:

As a first step into the world of realtime visualisation, I’m very happy with the results but feel I’ve just scraped the surface of what is possible with this new tech. I will be producing a series of this type of project in the coming months and will post the results.

If you’d like the actual file which allows you to explore the space in more detail, contact me and I’ll be happy to provide you with a working link.